Garden of Your mind

A new day bringing "a Bow a Gate and a Girl"

Second session for "Garden of your mind"

My Mzz, My Mzz, My Mzz.

Today I awoke to feeling better about my cold, disease is such a new concept in my life that I fear my body is too frail from my sheltered childhood. Yesterday I was too sick to even write in my journal! Well I joined my “Roommates” in the common room, and we discussed what the day was going to look like. Coin was low and rent is high. Twitchy went ahead to sell his gains at the in while Archy and I went to the market place to see if we could find any information (Squee*) about any potential jobs. our search was fruitful in the fact that we learned that mages to the north held objects on unusual caliber, my inner scholar jumped at the chance to learn something else in this world but I need to learn to temper my excitement and this job didn’t promise monetary gain. Me, Wargy (thats the bears name, never really knew how Sammy knew that) and Archy met up with Twitch while he finished his transaction with …. Someone who I never met and never learned the name of. (damn!) Following this we Went north to try and reclaim… Someones bow? (double damnation!) well after that my memory gets a little foggy bout I remember something about uncouth monkeys, a spray of colour, Wargy getting some birds in his claws, Snapping of bones, iron walls and reclaiming a bow. Now I sit with a high priestess a Magus and the Magus’ brother, about to examine what appears to be a unusual doorway of stone!

[the text that follows is written with a shaky hand]

The doorway! Oh glorious radiant day! What a find, what a find! it seems to be a gate that leads to multiple planes of reality depending on what kind of magic you relate it with or object you interact with it! My breath is short and my body is quivering with what we found, With the Magus’ brother in lead we drew the presence of a Water elemental! I sought conference with it seeing if I could learn anything from it about his homeland, or him. This turned out to be for naught cause he could not anything, nor could he stay long but he thank me and gave all of us his blessing! Proceeding that the Magus took over control, and I don’t remember what happened for moments after that… My mind just goes blank, this troubles me for this find was exciting and I always at least have a foggy Idea of what happened. Well no matter I have forgotten more things then people will remember! The high priestess decided to try her luck with the doorway next and lo’ and behold out pops a metal coffin with a metal girl with blue writing scribed over her skin! Wargy suckled on her scalp as we brought her back to the common room, we now are plus one girl and have no clue what to do with her. What scares me is I have read nothing about beings like her, she sorta looks like an aasimar but I don’t think she is one. My body can barely contain itself with all this excitement so I think it’s best if I just head to bed and let my mind rest on it.

-Yugo the forgetful out

(P.S I hope no one hates me for not writing about their contribution, I have a hard time remembering what I did)

(P.P.S Why did I even write the previous post script? it’s not like anyone is going to read my journal anyways.)

Post Post Post Script: I almost forgot!

My Mzz, My Mzz, My Mzz.



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